Caste Blast

There was a recent discussion on DeenPort or should we be saying a discussion that always occurs in our communities but is rarely solved… the discussion being that of caste systems, which later started to focus on suitability within marriage. We don’t want to share our thoughts on marriage as that’s deep reflection for this pauper.

However, we don’t mind sharing something with you all… in the discussion on DeenPort we got really annoyed based on a moment that we remember when we was last in Pakistan. A family member told me not to talk to someone because she was of a lower caste… me being quite stern when I see an injustice occur, invited the girl and her small brother to our house for dinner that night. They were petrified as they knew the family member would be there for dinner too.

Every day I would invite them around and we’d run around the house chasing one another in the blazing sun, watching films, and dancing in the rain… my parents and uncle would look at us in astonishment; my grandfather would cheer along; and the little children in the village would join us in the most innocent act of humanity – to smile amongst one another. Every day we’d go ask the family member if they wanted to join in but they refused to as “we shouldn’t be speaking to such people”… then one day this pauper saw the effects of her duas being answered … the family member smiled when she realised there was happiness in the house and after joining us in our meal she said to those she once ignored “if you can then please do come tomorrow”. Such rahma spread in the house that day. Subhan’Allah.

Caste systems are a nightmare to get over but Alhumdulillah there is always hope for those that can see right from wrong and do their best to rectify such faulted mentalities.

We’re a faulted nation because we don’t see the wrong within our families or when we see the faults within our family we fail to correct them. We can relate to those who out of exhaustion give up on their families for a short while so that they can gain stamina to address their family in a different way. But for those that see wrong in their families and don’t even try – we have no words for you apart from reflect on what you’re doing.

May Allah give us sight to see what needs to be corrected, strengthen us all to enjoin in the good and correct the wrong , and make our our limbs, tongue and heart only work in His Name. Allahumma Ameen.

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1 Response to Caste Blast

  1. Umm Salihah says:

    Mashallah good blog, I stumbled across it theough your comment on Umar Lee’s blog and really liked this post. The caste thing in Pakistan is something I have really been aware of and disagree with strongly. Usually it gets brushed under the carpet. maybe some people look at caste as a way of identifying their clans and connecting to them (i.e. “we are “jatt’s” or “rajput’s” etc). Its funny, many Pakistani’s dont want their kids to marry out of their caste, yet have to give in when their kids bring home someone of a different race altogether. At the end of the day I dont believe such thinking has any place in this deen anyway. Plus it’s hilarious, Pakistani’s in the UK are away from thir place of origin so know if they make the caste up (whatever is the highest one) no-one will know (although my mother-in-law, who is quite “caste-ist” reckons she can tell).

    It’s nice to see you stood up for what you beleived in – I hope Allah gives me the strength to do the same when I need it inshallah.

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