Dearest Grandma of a Spritual Nature…

LilyDearest Grandmother of a Spiritual Nature,

We were reading an article today which made me think of your strive for a better world and your zest to take each moment as it comes. Hearing stories of how active you are in your community even at the beautiful age that you are, and seeing your beautiful smile every time we think of you is one of the main reasons why when we’re down we end up laughing. I remember the day very well when we swapped recipes on cooking a spicy chicken as you monitored how I was making the rice. You are one of the finest teachers we have met and Subhan’Allah through our various work we’ve met many amazing teachers – but none of them are like you: young in heart regardless of age and a spiritual diva with so much love to give. Masha’Allah.

This insignificant pauper still remembers the time we sat down to share a cup of ginger tea that you blessed this pauper with, taking in the moment as we merrily smiled at one another as if we had known the other all along though we had only met in reality the day before… I remember massaging your hands with our Lush moisturiser and then you breaking the thoughtful silence with “make sure you get married when I’m here again” which left us both laughing and me completely embarrassed. Subhan’Allah whose student had I become.

Though you are “Umm Shaykh” you are also known to me as “my Grandma of a Spiritual Nature” because Subhan’Allah when there is a cloud manifesting up in this head we fill our sight with the image of you, as well as the image of the Habaib and the beautiful Shayukh in this paupers life, such that your exquisite light merrily breaks through the grey cloud. Ultimately to gain the love of beautiful mothers such as yourself is an amazing gift to hold on to. Subhan’Allah.

We miss you a lot and think of you often. However today we thought of you more, especially as we read a beautiful article by another “Umm Shaykh”: Umm Abdul-Karim Yahya. Masha’Allah a beautiful woman with zest, strong mindedness, and yet sakeena in finding Islam – qualities this pauper sees in her spiritual grandma.

We hope to meet you both one day and if the meeting is not in this world then we hope to drink from The Hawd together and see His Final Unveiling … just as we spoke about on that sunny day. May Allah bless you with an excellent state in this life and the next; wrap you in His Mahabba and Tawfeeq; and may He grant you those things that only bring you closer to Him. Allahumma Ameen.

Take care grandma, keep that smile going, and wasalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

… your loony granddaughter, Asma.

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