Subhan’Allah, today this pauper learnt something profound that she’d like to share with you all.

Once a week, Shaykh AbdulAziz Ahmed teaches from Imam al Haddad’s Nasaih al-Dinniya via the Online Halaqa. I’ve always found benefit in attending these classes as they’re a means to be polished by Imam al Haddad so to speak and verily each student gets what they intended (as long as the intention is good and in accordance to Islamic Law).

So what made today’s class different? This pauper isn’t really sure but the profoundness of the message to be learnt has really hit home. Amongst learning about the rights one has towards children, parents, and ones spouse Shaykh AbdulAziz also taught us, in passing, the meaning of “Ahlan wa Sahlan”:

Ahlan is to say “you’re like my family”;
Sahlan is to say “take it easy”
Conclusion: “you’re like my family and so take it easy”

Subhan’Allah, when one acquaints with someone and says “Ahlan wa Sahlan” it is in essence opening up the door of becoming part of ones family. As this door opens, it becomes the responsibility of the individuals to make sure that the rights of one another are fulfilled in order to gain His Ultimate Compassion; and equally it becomes important not to abuse one another or forsake one another such that the ties become shaken.

Subhan’Allah, three “simple” words make a whole family… Subhan’Allah how profound is that.

May Allah protect our Shayukh and their families from the harms of this world, increase them in khimma, and forever keep them in His Tawfeeq and Mahabba. Allahumma Ameen.