10thMay: Be Prepared for Illumination!

To be able to sit with our dearest Shaykh AbdulKareem after having studied, smiled, and reflected about deep issues under his care for the last year and a bit, this pauper would like to invite you all to share in that experience…

Jazak’Allah Khayr to Zeena Designs for making the poster and to all those people who made dua for the paupers request to come true.

Please also keep Shaykh AbdulKareem and family in your duas as they’re due to head out to the UK tonight. May Allah grant them a safe journey to England, answer their prayers whilst on safr, and grant them khimma and His Tawfeeq whilst touring the UK to spread the love for the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Allahumma Ameen.

A complete list of where Shaykh AbdulKareem will be over the next few weeks can be found on the CEI web site. Insha’Allah in the next few days we’ll post a completed list of tour dates on here also.

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5 Responses to 10thMay: Be Prepared for Illumination!

  1. as sallamu alaikum wa rahamtullah

    inshaa Allah this reaches you in the best of states.
    May Allah give you good in this life and the next.

    Do you know if our dear beloved Shaykh has any plans to come to the good old USA?

    jazak Allah khair
    Abdul Latif Al-Amin

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  3. asmakarif says:

    Wa alaykum asalaam wa rahmatullah

    All this pauper can say is…
    Insha’Allah. Allah is The Best of Planners. Make dua for safe journeys all round even if there’s no teaching involved.

    Brother Abdul Latif, may He shroud you in His Tawfeeq. Allahumma Ameen.

    Take care, keep smiling, and wasalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

  4. asmakarif says:

    *The time for the talk has changed to 16.30-18.30 (sorry for short notice)

  5. Adnan says:

    Sallam alaykum.

    Asma baji, how did the event go?
    Please do share your notes 🙂
    I look forward to them.

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