The Noble Companions – Shaykh AbdulAziz Ahmed

“My companions are like stars,
you will be guided by whichever one you follow

[Musnad of Imam Abu Hanifa, Al-Baihaqi and Al-Daylami]

The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, described his Noble Companions as the ‘Best Generation’. The lives of the men and women who lived around the Messenger (peace be upon him) provides us with a rich source of knowledge, spiritual and practical guidance and inspiration as Muslims living in the West. It is essential we know the individual personalities, contributions and achievements of this remarkable group of men and women as they helped lay the foundation of our Ummah.

This one day course with Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed is an invitation to come on a journey into the past to meet some of the inspirational companions in order to learn the spiritual and practical lessons from their extraordinary lives.

For more information:

… Insha’Allah see all you bright sparks there!

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4 Responses to The Noble Companions – Shaykh AbdulAziz Ahmed

  1. Iqra says:


    Did anyone attend this event? How was it? Notes?


  2. Tanvir says:

    I attended this event and I thought it was truly an eye opener. The course was delivered at a good pace, easy to understand but also at a pace where a good amount of content was delivered in the time available whilst there being moments to reflect upon the stories told.

    I took it as an introduction to the Noble Companions and it has genuinely opened my heart to pursue further study. I say study as I took it as enlightenment, inspiration and study. Initially I thought knowing the stories of the Sahaba would be excellent and enjoyable to narrate to others, but it was much more than that, the introduction to the examples of the companions was primarily a truly humbling experience.

    I did take notes although brief, bullet points to take the salient points and also instruction as to where to guide my further study on this.

    The number of Noble Companions runs into the thousands and therefore I’m taking it as a lifelong learning thing. I have been meaning to discuss my notes with a Muslim who I really enjoy discussing such topics with and will annotate it accordingly and then type them up.

    There were lots of touching points to be taken from the course, the one I shall mention here is that the Sahaba are going to Jannah, and they hold a special status. The Sheikh asked, ‘So will there be any from Leeds?’ (He is a school teacher and I can tell he must be one of those really cool teachers who you actually paid attention to due to his style and approach to teaching).
    But the answer to that question lies in the quote “Those who follow them in a state of excellence – you will be counted among them”.

  3. asmakarif says:

    Wa alaykum asalaam wa rahmatullah

    Learning about our beautiful Mother, Khadijah (alayhi salaam), made my day. Subhan’Allah loads of teachings to obtain from reading about the Noble Companions (may Allah be pleased with them all).

  4. Iqra says:

    😦 soo dissapointed that I missed it. Please make dua for me.


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