All good things come in threes…

A month back I was fortunate enough to browse by the studio, where I was made aware of the production of three exciting products to enlighten our souls:

One: A revised edition of the Qasida book called “Reflections of the Beloved”. Apart from saying the typesetter of the book is Sidi AbdasSamad Clarke (may Allah preserve him. Ameen), which Masha’Allah speaks for itself, I should also say that this revised edition is in Arabic with an English translation, has a beautifully designed cover with a well thought out layout, and it also has choruses placed throughout the text, which I’ve been told wasn’t the case with the previous edition.

Two: A reprint of Breezes from Paradise – Volume1, which includes revised Arabic text and improved quality of sound, re-engineered at studio. The Asma ulHusna (99 Names of Allah) on Volume 1 was rerecorded by Shaykh Abdur Rahman’s personal favourites, Ahmed and Khalid Muzar’za, and a bonus track by them can be found on Volume 2. All other recordings are by Shaykh Salah al-Kurdi with an accompanying book.

Three: A new volume of the Breezes Compilation ~ Breezes from Paradise – Vol 2, which includes detailed explanation of how to sing qasa’id.  New qasa’id include ‘Ya Imam al-Rusli’,”Qul Ya ‘Athim” and “Laylan Sara Wa Amma”.

Samples (courtesy of

Pages from Reflections of the Beloved

Pages from Volume 1

Audio from Volume 1

Pages from Volume 2

Audio from Volume 2

If anyone wishes to enquire or order the products then please don’t hesitate to contact
Likewise, Sidi Abdul-Khaliq Nathekar, manager of, can be contacted on

May Allah grant those involved in the making of these three products Much Good, Excellance in character, and Good Health. Allahumma Ameen.

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2 Responses to All good things come in threes…

  1. Talib Qureshi says:

    As salamo alaikom

    was given this set as an eid gift. All i can say is ASTOUNDING! Reflections of the Beloved is a work of art in translation and production.

    Breezes Vol I is a good learning tool for young and old- Me and the kids love it and have stared learning duff!!.

    Brezes Vol II is just excellent. Love everything about it.

    Down side: No website for feed back or more info.

  2. asmakarif says:

    Wa alaykum asalaam wa rahmatullah

    Brother Talib, Insha’Allah all queries/feedback can be addressed to:

    Glad you’ve enjoyed the products.

    Wasalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

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