Marhaba al-Habib ‘Umar (he’s coming to the UK!)

The Radical Middle Way Project in conjunction with Faizan-e-Madina mosque present…

Winning Hearts and Minds: The Way of the Chosen One (ص)

al-Habib ‘Umar bin Hafiz

Saturday 11th October 2008 @ 8pm

Faizan-e-Madina Mosque, 175 Gladstone Street, Peterborough PE1 2BN

*All welcome*

Alhumdulillah this is only by The Ultimate Grace of Allah, who answered the duas of this city. Please make dua that Allah facilitates Habib ‘Umar and anyone accompanying him with good health, safe journeys, and khimma during their short stay in England. Allahumma Ameen.

For further details of the tour please check on the RMW site.

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6 Responses to Marhaba al-Habib ‘Umar (he’s coming to the UK!)

  1. asmakarif says:

    *Shaykh AbdulKareem Yahya will be with Habib Umar during the tour and so please keep him in your duas also. He very much is looking forward to meeting any students of SunniPath or those he met when he last came to the U.K.

  2. inna rambi says:

    i will make dua for him. inshallah

  3. Farah says:

    Salam Sister,
    May I know if they will be coming to London? Jazakallahu Khyr.

  4. Shahid Hussain says:

    Alhumdulillah, we are indeed very fortunate to have someone like Shakyh Umar Bin Hafiz touring the UK. I have always prayed to Allah (SWT) that I get the opportunity to meet this great Sufi, Awliya and of course a decendent of Holy Prophet’s (SAW) family. He is very blessed and we should appreciate every moment this great shaykh has to spend here. May Allah grant him good health during his short tour to the UK.Ameen.

  5. asmakarif says:

    Sister Farah, you’ll have to look at the RMW site for any updates on the tour so far. There is a Bradford Retreat which I hope to put up on this site soon.

    Allahumma Ameen to the duas.

  6. Farah says:

    Asalamualaikum Sis Asma,
    Thank you for the info. So sad they are not touring London. I am a Student of Sunnipath (I think we might have been in Shaykh Abdul Kareem’s class once together 🙂 ) I read your Tarim Calling post. If you don’t mind, you can email me. Jazakallahu Khyr.

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