…It takes a man to be a dad

In discussion with someone I came to realise that there’s a pressing need for every daughter to feel that they have a father figure in their life – someone to give them guidance; to protect them from harm; to provide solutions to dilemmas. That’s why every child, regardless of their age, looks at their parents for even a reassuring sign to say that all will be okay. But what if those “role models” aren’t present? Is it really okay to look at others and hope that they can fulfil the needs of being a guardian instead?

I don’t know who said it but there’s a phrase that comes to mind when I think about a reoccurring situation in our community:

Anyone can be a father,
but it takes a man to be a dad.

To have your name on the birth certificate is only part of legislation that you are the biological father; however that doesn’t make you a dad – the person the “child” runs to for advice and support. Seriously, at what point should the “child” stop being advised to be patient, take hold of their life, and move on without the parents being involved? Or is it better to just feel numb all the time by accepting the fact that though ones parents won’t want to be involved in their child’s future, he/she still needs to try to be involved in his/her parents future as a mark of respect towards them?

These questions are once again left unanswered.

Useful Articles:

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2 Responses to …It takes a man to be a dad

  1. Din says:

    I loved this article by Shaykh Faraz:

    “My father was smarter than I thought”

  2. asmakarif says:

    Never thought my reflection would lead to discussion but I have found this discussion on ManiacMuslim Forum an interesting read:


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