This Beloved (ص) smiling

From the text, Wa ‘Inda’idhin Dahikar-Rasul (When Prophet Muhammad ص Smiled) by Muhammad ‘Ali ‘Uthman Mujahid:

It has been narrated that Suhayb, may Allah be pleased with him, said:

While the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) was sitting he smiled and said, ‘Will you not ask me why I am smiling?’ They (the listeners) said, ‘Why are you smiling?’ He said, ‘I am astonished at the situation of the believer: all (his affairs) bring him good; if he is granted a thing that he likes, he praises Allah for it, and this is good for him; and if he is afflicted by a thing that he dislikes, he remains patient, and this is good for him (as well). Not all the affairs of a person bring him good except a believer.’

[Ad-Darimi, no. 2776]

Jazak’Allah Khayr to the sister who sent this book to me during my moment of frailty. It’s always good to be reminded of the blessings that Allah has placed in us being Muslim and our strive towards him; and furthermore to be reminded of the excellance of keeping hold of the Sunnah. Alhumdulillah wa ShukarAllah.

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4 Responses to This Beloved (ص) smiling

  1. Din says:

    Jazakallah Khayr bajee…

  2. asmaa says:

    I have this book!

    We bought about 10 copies and gave them to people…

    Something that makes the heart smile.



  3. DeenPoet says:


    Where would one be able to buy this book from?

  4. asmakarif says:

    Wa alaykum asalaam wa rahmatullah

    I’m not sure as it was a gift.

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