Intention on drinking coffee

In the Book of Assistance class we were taught that making our intention was important in excelling ourself towards good obedient acts. Shaykh AbdulKareem mentioned this beneficial text and the intentions one could make upon wanting to drink coffee:

“Kitab an-niyat كتاب النيات (book of intentions)”
by Al Habib Muhammad bin A’lawi al-A’idarus (Sa’d)

Intention of drinking coffee:

1.       To follow the path of some of the pious predecessors (who drank tea and coffee)

2.       To stimulate one’s body for the sake of worship

3.       To bring joy to the host (when visiting someone who offers a cup of tea or coffee)

4.       To comply with the Sunnah and etiquette (of drinking)

May Allah reward the author. Allahumma Ameen.

In regards to following the path of some of the pious predecessors, Shaykh AbdulKareem mentioned that Al-Habib Ahmed Mashur al-Haddad, Al-Habib Attas al-Habashi and Habib Umar (may Allah be pleased with them all. Allahumma Ameen) all were coffee drinkers. Subhan’Allah upon listening to this I realised that I now had a splendid reason to drink coffee and not feel so bad about it. Verily there’s answers in everything. Subhan’Allah.

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9 Responses to Intention on drinking coffee

  1. Usma says:

    My initial reaction to reading the title of your post was “what about Teaaa??” Alhamdulillah I found my answer in the first sentence 😛

    Miss You Asmeee

  2. asmakarif says:

    🙂 Miss you too Usmeee… when you back in England? – we should (FINALLY) meet up to share a mocha latte; well I can have a mocha latte and you can have good ol’ PG Tips (with good intentions obviously) 🙂

    Keep smiling Usmeee, May Allah bless you and your family; and provide you all safe journeys. Allahumma AMeen

  3. T says:

    this certainly wont help me achieve my goal of quitting tea drinking…

    Off I go to the kitchen for another cuppa (guilt free this time)

  4. Shagufta says:

    Alhamidullah, thank you for posting. I love how drinking tea can be a act of ibadat if done with a noble intention.

  5. sunspots1 says:

    Subhan-Allah. I had struggled with the coffee business. During Ramadan I had stopped drinking it and had horrible headaches. I said to myself that it can’t be good if my head aches like this. But my husband stated how a shaykh he visited during the Mawlid said to him when he noticed my husband dozing off, “I’ve been up for three days.” and offered him a cup of coffee.

    So yes, coffee relieves my ADD symptoms greatly, so I’m back on the java. Now with better intentions.

    Thank you.

  6. Din says:


    Jazakallah Khayr for these.

    I just realized. All these intentions can be transposed onto Rotee as well!

    Perhaps some Punjabee scholar wrote something similar about Rotee.

  7. nausheenk says:

    Lovely post, though incidentally I’ve heard quite a few scholars speak against drinking coffee, it’s nice to find good reasons for the opposite view also. Difference, after all, is a mercy 🙂

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  9. Dawud Israel says:

    Fatiha before drinking coffee is another good practice.


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