Fridays: Live Class with Habib Hussein

Imam alHaddad’s
The Book of Assistance

taught by

Habib Hussein as-Saqqaff

Every Friday @ 6.30pm Dubai Time

Convert to your Time Zone

*All welcome*


To access the Live Lesson, which Insha’Allah will be translated in English, please click on the following link: We hope that at the end of the lesson there will Insha’Allah be time for questions from students.

An example of a lesson with Habib Hussein as-Saqqaff, may Allah be pleased with him, can be found in the following link: حتى يحبك الله وتحبه !

May Allah be pleased with the author of The Book of Assistance, our teachers, the translators, and those students who implement such beneficial teachings to gain Allah’s Tawfeeq. Allahumma Ameen.

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