Giving the Shaykh(a) some space…

We all know that everyone needs time with their family and friends – a means to socialise and reform bonds. However, when it comes to our teachers do we really give them that time?

Honestly ask yourself when you’re in your so-called “dire need” moment do you say ‘right off I go to Shaykh(a) s0-and-so (even though it may be dinner time for him; or him and his family may have gone on holiday together)’ or do you say ‘let me take this matter to the prayer mat first?’

When the next time you organise an event/project and want the teacher to come and teach do you fit it around their schedule or do you moan at them or others that the teacher couldn’t make your schedule as they had “prior commitments” (which by the way could have been due to them wanting to be with their family)?

I’m not saying that we don’t seek counsel from our teachers as this goes against the principle that if we don’t know then we need to ask someone who does. However what this student is emphasising is the need for etiquette prior to asking or seeking counsel.

Suppose this little reflection is a means to advise myself before others: we need to give our teachers some space to be alone with their families, to reflect, and also to study their own interests.

May Allah preserve our teachers, shroud them in His Tawfeeq, and grant them and their families protection from the harm of others. Allahumma Ameen.

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