Pondering on how souls meet

Was reflecting on how souls meet in this second life – the life of Earthly existence (al-dunya). I came to the conclusion that it’s truly fascinating how we all meet and what emotions we feel when meeting someone new. There are some people that you’ll feel naturally inclined towards and then there are some who you’ll have to figure out why it is that you feel so distant from them.

In the Islamic Dawa “network” there are many people all rallying together, or even at times working solo, to make things work in their environment to serve Allah. These brothers and sisters no doubt rely on certain people to help them carry out certain tasks to help aid in the initiative and as a result, these people get to know one another and build on communication and that thing called “networking”. Though some look down on the word “networking”, this student likes to consider it a means to strengthen the bond of the first life – that life Imam alHaddad, in “The Lives of Man”, denotes as the life where all souls were created to give covenant to Allah – The Supreme, The Everlasting.

The question then comes why do some people gel and others don’t, even if they’re working on the same goal?

I remember Shaykh Faraz Rabbani mention in a dars when he came to visit the UK, that people need a drive and focal point. If they all just removed their egos and realised that the focal point (to meet Allah) is one then that’s all that matters. In addition, Habib Umar, in the Attaining Good Character classes, mentioned that we’re all naturally predisposed to bad character however, as character can change, we can work on ourselves to better our condition and our characters. This in turn, I suppose, would affect the relationships we make with people and the importance of when these people are placed in front of us because ultimately we only meet people at a particular time in our life out of His Ultimate Grace.

So often I have met a person and pondered over the timing of our meeting. If they had met me before I know that there wouldn’t have been much good in it as it was in The Decree of Allah that such person would meet me at a particular time in my existance on this world. And at that time maybe I had something to give to the person gifted to me by Allah or maybe I had an opportunity from Allah to learn from the gift being placed infront of me. This is where Shukr comes in.

To be grateful that those we were close to in the first life (al fitra) we become close to in the second life (al dunya) is a blessing; and similarly those who we were distant from (in proximity) in the first life we are given opportunities to feel the difference in familiarity when meeting them in the second life. Alhamdulillah wa ShukarAllah for the friendships we make and for meeting people of variable natures so that we may learn, gain knowledge from, and teach others about such wonders.

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2 Responses to Pondering on how souls meet

  1. lost soul says:

    That really touched my heart subhan’Allah.
    Allah raise you and keep you safe.
    Jummah Mabruk. xxx

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