Kitaba Book Launch: Imam al-Haddad’s “Taqwa and Knowledge”

The Kitaba team have produced a translation of Imam al-Haddad’s book ‘al-Nasâih al-Dîniyyah.

The book will be available in standard print, accessible text and Braille (Duxberry file) formats before Ramadan (August 2010) and in audio format later in the year. It also contains a foreword by the Imam of the Ba Alawi Mosque, Singapore, al-Habib Hasan al-Attas.

The Kitaba team will be launching the book across Europe at various venues including Bradford, Walsall, Oldham and Lillehammer (Norway). Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed will be teaching the text in Preston, Copenhagen and Glasgow during the coming months.

For further details of events or a copy of the text please go to

May Allah help facilitate Kitaba in all that they do. Allahumma Ameen.

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3 Responses to Kitaba Book Launch: Imam al-Haddad’s “Taqwa and Knowledge”

  1. Haq Islam says:

    Jazakallah for sharing this information with us, I look forward to reading the book soon, insha’Allah.

  2. Kerry Ward-Hussain says:

    Salams- I would like know the cost of the book and where I can order this please? Thank you Insha-Allah

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