Fasting when pregnant and/or breastfeeding

Question: I know for many women who breast feed, they need to keep hydrated so that they are able to produce milk to feed their child. What do you suggest one should do when wanting to fast but yet still breast feeding? What suggestions can you give for a woman in this situation in order to benefit the most from Ramadan?

Please read the amazing answer given by Ustadha Zaynab Ansari on the SeekersGuidance Q&A Page (*clickety click on the link*).

It’s so important for women to be aware of this as all too often I’ve seen pregnant/breastfeeding women enter Ramadhan with a “I’m not fasting” attitude and by doing so are committing sin; and then you have those on the other end of the spectrum who do fast but don’t look out for the signs to say they are putting them self or their baby at risk. Women need to seriously learn and understand their religious obligations instead of going along with whatever their desires say.

May Allah make us move towards learning knowledge, help us acquire it and understand it, and allow us to implement it so that we don’t transgress and earn His Wrath. Allahumma Ameen.

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