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The useful work of others, which I feel are gems worth sharing.

“More Than a Footnote: Me, My Child, and Autism” By Ustadha Zaynab Ansari

A really insightful lesson from a mother who radiates warmth, truth in her speech and goodness in her character (may God reward her immensely in this world and the next. Ameen): I never thought I would have a child with autism, a … Continue reading

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Fasting when pregnant and/or breastfeeding

Question: I know for many women who breast feed, they need to keep hydrated so that they are able to produce milk to feed their child. What do you suggest one should do when wanting to fast but yet still … Continue reading

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Shaykh Nuh Ha Mim Keller on Motherhood

When she has her first baby, she must manage for another life even more dependent on her personal sacrifices. By the second, third, or fourth child, her days and nights belong almost entirely to others. Whether she has a spiritual … Continue reading

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Born to be a mother

When deciding on a URL I typed in “born to be a mother” as this phrase really helped me in the weeks leading up to the birth of our first child as well as throughout my labour. I’m not sure … Continue reading

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