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When The Rain comes…

When The Rain comes look in to the direction from which it came, read abundant Salawat upon the Prophet (pbuh) and be happy instead of fearful of what is about to wash over you. This is for those who reflect.

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Who I Am by Zain Bhikha

Who I Am by Zain Bhikha… … Album can be obtained from the official distributors of Zain Bhikha in the UK: Nur al-Habib stores.

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Reminder to self

All too often we can feel distant from our own families due to differences of opinion or some miscommunication. At these times, especially when you know you can’t change attitudes, it’s best to keep reminding yourself that you need to … Continue reading

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Ramadhan Highway Code

Thank you to my sister who sent this my way as a reminder of what’s expected of me during the blessed month of Ramadhan: May Allah grant us His Rahma and help us to gain much blessings in Ramadhan. Allahumma … Continue reading

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Love Said To Me by Maulana Rumi

I worship the moon. Tell me of the soft glow of a candle light and the sweetness of my moon. Don’t talk about sorrow, tell me of that treasure, hidden if it is to you, then just remain silent. Last … Continue reading

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