The Call of Yemen…

The first time I heard of Yemen was on an American sitcom where one of the characters books a ticket to go to Yemen in order to escape from his nagging partner. Didn’t really understand where Yemen was at the time but thought it must be an awesome place filled with serenity if that’s where the character was going to “escape” and also because people who say “yeah man” are pretty chilled out and take life easy. For those thinking “sister, you’ve truly lost the plot” – in my defence, I was very little at that age and for sure wasn’t aware of the need to be an “Arif”.

Possibly about 8 years on from that episode and I’m becoming more aware of this beautiful country called Yemen and the blessings of it. In particular the strange pull I have towards it – more than likely down to the fact that when you learn from such beautiful Habaib and Shayukh you’re naturally drawn to what they’re drawn to. May Allah encapsulate them in His Tawfeeq and Mahabba such that The Goodness our teachers receive from Him is transpired to all of us and only aids in elevating our states in the hereafter. Allahumma Ameen.

Every year there’s a programme called The Dowra, a 40 day intensive Learning Programme with the Habaib and Shayukh of Tarim, Hadramaut, teaching all parts of the Islamic curriculum from Hadith, Da’wah Methodology, Seerah, Shamail and Fiqh just to name a few.

Desert PrayerTwo years ago we had a yearning to go but knew it wasn’t possible due to our dear father falling severely ill and so instead we went to Pakistan to look after him (keep him in your much needed duas please), and then a year ago we were fortunate enough to be ill our-self but by His Grace were able to listen to some of the lessons being broad-casted online. This year I’ve been made aware of the subtleties of my situation which require me to stay in the UK before I can set out but Insha’Allah I hope to go when Tarim calls me to come. I’m sure that one day, if it’s not doing so already, it will call for me and this student will humbly take up the offer and sit with those we’ve dreamt of learning from. Insha’Allah when the invite comes.

So what’s the point of this thread then – even though this student can’t attend we’d still like to urge any of you who can make it, to go and bring back the light from your studies in Tarim … of course, first with the ijazat from the Habaib & Shayukh. There’s much benefit in the doors of Tarim being open and so when you enter please enter with salaam and good etiquette cos that’s the first basis of being a guest.

Information is as follows:

The Dowra Summer 2008
40 Day Intensive Course
1st July 2008 – 10th August 2008

If anyone would like to share their experiences of your time in previous Dowra Programmes then this student would love to hear from you.

Take care, keep smiling, and wasalaam alaykum wa rahmatullah

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